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Helping you create your book and get published


There are lots of ways we can work together. The first thing to do is drop me an email at

If you have a look around on this site, you’ll see that I can do little things or big things to help you. I can carry out a specific task, such as image research or copy writing, or I can help you prepare a “getting published plan”, where we work together to improve your manuscript, create a great book proposal, and pitch it to publishers, or find the best means to self-publish.

Here is a summary of the specific services I offer:

Feedback on your book project or manuscript. A report on (and conversations about) your project’s strengths and weaknesses, with a view to crafting a direction for it that will give you the best result commercially and make for the best possible book.

Creating a winning pitch. Want to pitch your book to a publisher? it’s not that difficult when you know how, but it is critical to get this right if you have any chance of succeeding with a publishing house. I can give you the best possible chance of getting published by submitting a great pitch. I’ve written and read (and rejected) a huge number of book publishing proposals over the last twenty years. I can’t tell you how many times I have felt disappointed at seeing a great idea so poorly presented that I can’t possibly proceed with confidence. And yet putting together a compelling proposal is remarkably easy if you know what a publisher is looking for. I can’t promise you will be successful, but I can promise that the pitch we will develop for your book will stand out from the crowd and tick every box on the publishers wishlist.

Publishing insider advice. Wherever you are in the process, you probably have questions about how things work at commercial publishing companies. I can answer your questions on, say, copyright and permissions or contract negotiations, and I can offer you insights and advice on other matters relating to publishing your book, such as production matters (the format you choose is important for lots of reasons, as is your choice of designer or editor or paper stock) and everything to do with sales, marketing, publicity and distribution.

Structural editing. A more in-depth to and fro about your project, which will focus on recommending how the content can be crafted and presented to make the best possible book. Remember, this is the magic bit. Get it right and the rest will flow.

Writing. I can help with anything from complete books to captions.

Photo & illustration research. I can advise you on what visual elements are required, how to source images (free and paid), and I can do the research for you, if you like.

Self-publishing. This is a rapidly changing world. If you want to self-publish, I can put together a team to make your book for you, or I can simply point you in the right direction to do it yourself (and I’ll explain what’s involved). I can explain the different options available and we can work out what best suits your needs and goals for your book.

Those are just some of the ways we can work together. Creating a book is, of course, a creative process and I don’t like to be too structured about it. I prefer to take each project as it comes, and see what’s required.

Money Talk.

Naturally, there is a fee for all of this. I charge an hourly rate for specific tasks (such as image research and writing) and an all-in fee for other jobs. Fees will be negotiated up-front and we’ll work to a brief that we both agree. I like to set clear parameters in terms of time and budget and work freely within them in terms of where the focus needs to be, communicating with you at all times.


Speaking of communication, it’s lovely to be able to meet in person so if you are in or around the Byron Bay area, we can do that. Otherwise, I am happy to “meet” on Skype or work via a combination of email and phone. I’ve worked with clients based over on the other side of the world as well those who are more or less neighbours.

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Roz Hopkins